Neurodiversity Affirming Practice

Village Therapy is a Neurodiversity Affirming Practice

We accept and affirm people whose brains work in a range of ways. Until recently, the focus of intervention for Autistic people was to try and make them more like neurotypical people, or at least to help them pretend. As the previous generation of Autistic children grew up, they were able to tell us how harmful this was to them. Pretending to be neurotypical is also called masking. Doing this for many years is stressful and exhausting, often leading neurodivergent people to difficulties with anxiety, depression and trauma.

As health professionals, we are committed to achieving the best long-term outcomes for our clients. It became apparent that our old therapy approaches were not achieving these outcomes, so we have made a commitment to offer intervention that is neurodiversity affirming.

Here are some useful links to help you find out more about supporting neurodivergent people. In addition, we have developed a flyer that explains how we use Neurodiversity Affirming Practice at Village Therapy. Download Here.

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