The Learn to Ride a Bike program is perfect for those children who have struggled to master bike riding. Bike riding requires coordination and balance and this can be tricky for some children. We are here to help!

We will work on the core skills required to ride a bike, and approach it in a supportive, non-judgemental and individual way. Our aim is to help children develop the confidence and skills that will enable them to keep learning to ride a bike even after the program finishes. This program provides the children with the opportunity to play and work as a group, while also providing chances for individual self-achievement.

We take videos of the children on the first day and compare them with the final day, to show them how far they’ve come. Parental support is a must – you work as a team in this program! It’s also important that you bring your own bike so you can learn and practice on the same bike during, and after the program.

The format for the program is 3 x 90 minute sessions with a maximum of 4 in the group (with 3 x facilitators). We will be outside in a sectioned off area which will provide plenty of room to move. The cost of this program is $495 which includes individualised feedback on completion of the program.

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