The School Readiness Program is perfect for children transitioning from Preschool to Primary School for the first time. We practice skills that are generally targeted at Prep level in an environment that is supportive, individual and flexible. Skills focus includes:

  • Following instructions including group rules
  • Awareness of being part of a group
  • Sharing, taking turns, cooperating and asking questions
  • Fine motor skills for using textas, scissors, glue and managing day to day tasks
  • Vocabulary such as colours, shapes and letter names
  • Name writing
  • Organising and looking after their belongings by carrying their bags, eating their snacks and packing away

The format for the program is 3 x 90 minute sessions with a maximum of 6 in the group (with 3 x facilitators). The cost of this program is $495 which includes individualised feedback on completion of the program.

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