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We are always looking for positive-minded clinicians who share our values, so don’t wait until you see us advertise.

Read on below and check out our About Us page. If we feel like your kind of people, contact us today. Even if you’re not ready to join the team yet, we’re always happy to chat!

We are a well-established clinic in Sunbury, Victoria – only 35 minutes north of Melbourne. Our team is passionate about improving the lives of the families in our community, which is growing bigger every year. But we are still a tight-knit community who knows it takes a Village to raise a child.

Our aim is to be a safe place – where everyone feels comfortable to be themselves. Some of our families visit multiple times a week, attending Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Music Therapy. We really know our clients and we work together constantly to ensure we offer well-rounded, individualised supports. As a team, we have made a commitment to always work in a way that is neurodiversity affirming, both with our clients and as a workplace.

Village Therapy exists to build a wow team of professionals, who make life better for our clients.

It is no accident that we mention our team first. We know that we can only provide excellent service to our clients if we look after our team. So we focus on the things that you need to ensure that you are calm, confident and content.

Daily, onsite support from an experienced team. We are a clinic based service, so there is always someone available to answer questions. Our Practice Manager is an expert on all things NDIS and our Clinical Leads have an open-door policy. All of our clinical team love nothing more than to nut out a difficult scenario over coffee.

Excellent systems to make your daily tasks simpler and less time consuming. These include report writing software, internal communications system, progress note templates, an extensive digital resource library and overflowing resource cupboards. We also have full time administrative support, leaving you free to concentrate on therapy.

We prioritise your learning. All clinicians participate in structured fortnightly group supervision as well as individual supervision with an experienced clinician. If you need additional support, we pay for external supervision to ensure that you continue to learn and extend your skills. We have a structured fortnightly internal PD program that is recorded, so we are building quite a library of free learning to support our team. We also offer $1000 per year towards attendance at external PD courses.

We put people before profits. We know that your well-being is central to the work that you do, so we encourage self-care and a healthy work-life balance. We build caseloads slowly and negotiate all KPIs. We offer six weeks of annual leave as standard for clinicians. We have regular team days and social activities. We check in with you via monthly catch-ups with members of the management team so that we can catch stressors early and work to alleviate them.

We want to be your launching place, not your final destination. We don’t expect working at Village Therapy to be the most important thing in your life. We hope that it helps you to achieve those important things. So we want to hear about your plans and dreams and do what we can to help you move towards them. Maybe you dream of living overseas, buying a home, starting a family, writing a novel, opening your own practice or being an artist. We love having a team full of varied and interesting people – and we love helping them achieve their dreams. My favourite question that we ask in interviews is “When the time comes to leave Village Therapy and move on to your next role, how do you hope to be different?” We see supporting people to grow and change as a key responsibility as leaders within the organisation.

That’s who we are. Why not tell us about you? Fill out the contact form below and one of our team will be in touch. We understand that everyone has different communication preferences, so don’t forget to indicate whether you would like to be contacted by email, phone or Zoom. We can’t wait to meet you!

Village Therapy is here to help you & your child!

While we see as many clients as we can, our availability may be limited. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying the expert help we can offer. Join our Village today and benefit from access to our group programs, posts and immediate notifications of changes to our waiting list.