Village Therapy’s Graduate Program

You have completed your studies, but the real learning is just about to begin! You will learn from each new client you see, each presentation you treat, and most importantly, you will learn from the team around you in both structured and informal interactions.The importance of your first role as a graduate clinician cannot be overstated. It can shape how you practice and how you feel about your profession for many years to come. Choosing a structured program, with clear expectations and progression, helps you to be confident that you are choosing an employer who understands the needs of early career clinicians and wants to see you become an amazing practitioner.

We’ve been refining our Graduate Program for a number of years now, based on feedback from those who have participated in it.

Whilst there are certain structures and key learnings that are offered to all participants, we also know that each graduate comes to us with different strengths and varying clinical experiences, as well as different pictures of how they want their career to unfold, so we also focus on each individual’s specific learning needs.

Whilst we have a general outline of progression, our caseload expectations are always determined by you in discussion with a supervisor, to ensure that you prioritise your own learning and self-care. All of our graduates start with an empty caseload, with clients slowly being added as you feel more confident.

We make a commitment to supply all the supports you need to help you gain that confidence – not just for the first few weeks or months, but as part of everyday life as a clinician at Village Therapy.

“Everything is awesome! Everything improves when you’re part of a team!” – The Lego Movie

Full time, onsite, experienced clinical leads for each discipline

An amazing Practice Manager to handle the day to day organisational issues (including difficult conversations with families)

Full-time, knowledgeable admin support so you can concentrate on your clients

Regular catch ups with owners and management – we want to know you and hear your ideas

Allied Health Assistants, who help out our clinicians wherever they can

And of course, for those times when you need a bit of extra joy, there are always cuddles available with Sadie, the clinic dog.

Individual and group clinical supervision with an experienced clinician from your discipline

Wide-ranging and extensive internal PD program including recordings of sessions from many previous years

Shadowing program using our custom built observation room

Dedicated Early Career PD time

External PD budget

Team Time – Six hours a week with no clients booked, to enable team meetings, case conferencing, projects, and the monthly early career group lunch

A caseload that builds up slowly and at your own pace

Individualised career pathways available once you have completed the Graduate Program, including opportunities for leadership development and ownership within the business.

An individualised written plan that we develop with you showing you exactly what the expectations of you are and the next steps.

We’ll update this as you go to reflect the pace you choose.

For a more detailed breakdown of the above information, enter your email address below and we’ll send you our Graduate Program package.

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