Non Attendance without Notice Policy

Glossary of Terms

  • Non-attendance without notice – A Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy or Music Therapy appointment that is not attended by the client with no notice provided.
  • Term – refers to a school term as per the Victorian Public School schedule.


While Village Therapy endeavours to reduce costs to clients where possible, non attendance without notice of appointments puts a strain on the business and makes it difficult for clinicians to manage their caseload.


Fees for non-attendance without notice for Village Therapy clients will be charged at 100% of the full appointment cost. A cancellation invoice for this amount will be created and emailed to the client.

Sessions will not re-commence until after the cancellation invoice has been paid.

Rescheduling of appointments to avoid the cancellation fee under the non-attendance without notice policy is not permitted.


If a client does not attend their appointment and has not communicated this intention with Village Therapy, every effort should be made to contact them to check on their welfare.

Minimum Attendance Requirement

In order for clients to hold their regular appointment time, a minimum of 80% attendance is required during school terms.

  • Weekly clients: If more than 2 appointments in a term are missed, the regular appointment time may be offered to another client.
  • Fortnightly clients: If more than 1 appointment in a term is missed, the regular appointment time may be offered to another client.

In situations where clients are missing appointments on a regular basis, contact with the client must be made to ensure that there is nothing that Village Therapy can do to assist the client in being able to attend regular therapy.

Ongoing missed appointments may result in the client’s regular appointment time being offered to someone from our waiting list.

Non-Attendance of the Initial Appointment

Clients who are attending Village Therapy for the first time, and don’t turn up to their appointment without notice may still incur a cancellation fee. Subsequent appointment bookings may also require a deposit. Requests for initial appointments after a prior non-attendance without notice will be assessed by a member of the management team.

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